Bad hits and kicks are a nemesis for professional snooker players since a long time, as they can impact the result of a game profoundly if occurred at a crucial juncture.

Taom Billiards took an innovative step to change that. Taom created a solution that lets professional snooker players focus on their game without having to worry about miscues or bad contacts.

Thus came into existence an exclusive range of Taom Chalks. These were developed by experts at Taom in collaboration with the top professional snooker and pool players in the world. These chalks have become a go-to choice for several well-known professional players including snooker world champions like Mark Selby, John Higgins, Shaun Murphy, Stuart Bingham among many others around the world.

The current range of Taom Chalks includes the Taom Pyro Chalks, Taom Soft Chalks, Taom Pool Chalks, and the latest Taom V10 and the Taom Pyro Chalk Pink Edition.

These products are not only flawless in their functionality to deliver on their promise of no kicks and no bad contacts but they are also classy in design, making it a wonderful experience for Snooker enthusiasts.

Snooker Alley has always been at the forefront of making product innovations in cue sports accessible to professional snooker players in India. We are authorized importers of Taom Billiards’ products including their range of Taom Chalks and Taom Tips in India.

Taom Pyro Chalks

Through Snooker Alley’s vast customer base of professional players, we have been able to provide these quality products to our Snooker professionals in India as well.

You can visit our Cue Sports Experience Center at #18 Andree Road, Bangalore to get a hands-on experience with our top quality products from international brands like Taom Billiards, Omin Cues Thailand, Master Cues, Peradon UK, Wiraka Snooker Tables, Rasson Snooker Tables, Star Strachan, Phoenix Cues, Kamui, Woods Cues, Shender Snooker Tables, and much more.

Taom Soft Chalks

And even if you are not in Bangalore and want to lay your hands on any of these quality products you can visit our online store at snookeralley.com and explore our range of quality international products.

We promise quality and authenticity in every product that you purchase on our online store. We also have secure shipping available throughout India so that our professionals and enthusiasts do not stay far behind at innovations impacting the future of cue sports.

The current range of Taom Chalks available.

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