Snooker Alley: Facilitating International Standard Playing Conditions

It’s pertinent for any kind of Sport to have competitive events in order to engage players and sports enthusiasts alike. Competitive events also provide a platform for budding players to test as well as showcase their sports skills while also providing them with the right environment to improve their capabilities.

Bangalore has for long been recognized as a hub for competitive Snooker and Billiards, having produced some of the most talented players including the likes of Pankaj Advani who has represented India globally and earned international recognition.

Traditionally the optimum competitive environment for professional players in India has been restricted to some Government run clubs. However, there has been a recent trend in Private Clubs providing such conditions which are at par with global standards, thus attracting many professional players. Bangalore Snooker Academy is one such club which has certainly set a new benchmark in Private Snooker Club experience through quality playing conditions. Since a few years of it’s inception and due to the staggering response Bangalore Snooker Academy has received, it has initiated several privately sponsored competitive events to engage players and rekindle the spirit of the game.

The most lucrative of these competitions is the Bangalore Snooker Academy’s All India Open 15 Reds Snooker Championship, of which the 3rd edition is being held between the 23rd of March and the 3rd of April 2022

This tournament attracts top Snooker Players from all over India due to its high competitive nature and the flawless playing conditions that Bangalore Snooker Academy offers.
Snooker Alley is the proud equipment supplier and maintenance provider at Bangalore Snooker Academy. Snooker Alley has supplied and installed Shender and Wiraka tables along with all Accessories, at Bangalore Snooker Academy.

Some of the standard accessories for Shender Prince tables include the Aramith SuperPro 1G Snooker Ball Set and the Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament 30oz Cloth and that of Wiraka M1 Classic include the Aramith SuperPro 1G Snooker Ball Set and the Hainsworth Match Cloth. We are the authorized distributors of Shender and Wiraka in india.
Snooker Alley is also the authorized importer and distributor for Aramith Balls as well as the Strachan Cloth in India.
Snooker Alley provides on site support and maintenance at BSA in order to ensure that the most immaculate playing conditions are sustained for maximum performance.
Our recent maintenance efforts at BSA have included providing the Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament 30oz cloth and preparing the tables for the All India Open Snooker Championship being held between the 23rd of March and the 3rd of April 2022.

Snooker Alley has been at the forefront of bringing product innovations in cue sports to India. We are recognized as the largest importer and distributor of all major international cue sports brands in India.
You can visit our cue sports experience center at Andree Road Bangalore to get a first hand experience of these quality products. Alternatively you can visit our online store at to browse our extensive range of products with shipping available across India.

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