Authentic Aramith Balls Ensure Quality And Durability

Every Snooker enthusiast must be familiar with Aramith products. Their snooker billiards and pool balls are the best in the business and are used in all major ranking tournaments around the world.

Aramith is owned by Saluc which started as a chemical industry plant specialized in tannery products in 1923.

Saluc has been producing Billiard balls under its registered trademark Aramith since 1950 and currently holds a market share of more than 85% globally.
For those of you who don’t know how the Aramith Balls are made, let’s shed some light. Aramith balls are made out of a special kind of resin known as Phenolic Resin which has robust physical and chemical characteristics making it chip and scratch resistant. Thus these balls last for much longer time compared to balls made with other kind of polyester resin.

So if you lay your hands on authentic Aramith products you can be rest assured about the longevity of these balls. However its imperative that you only buy from an authorized dealer as there are copy/imitation products in the market in some countries including India which look as good as original. But since these imitation products are made of low quality resin, they lack the performance and longevity which authentic Aramith Snooker balls offer.

In some markets certain sellers are also selling refurbished Aramith Snooker, Billiards or Pool Balls which have already lost most of their performance and life. They lure customers by offering them much lower prices than the market price but they don’t realize that they are actually being duped.
So if you have anyone offering you a price that’s lower than the usual market price of these products, please ensure that the product is not fake or refurbished.

Currently Snooker Alley is the only authorized distributor of authentic Aramith Products in India. We are certified by the company as their registered seller for all of their products including the range of Aramith Snooker Balls including the Tournament Champion Super Pro 1G Balls, Tournament Champion Snooker Balls, Premium Snooker Ball set, Aramith Tournament Champion Pro-Cup Billiard balls and the range of Pool Balls.
You can find these Aramith products at our Cue Sports experience center in Bangalore or online at

Snooker Alley is recognized by all professional players in India as a one-stop shop for all their cue sports needs. We constantly strive to make product innovations in cue sports available to our snooker, billiards and pool enthusiasts in India besides ensuring authenticity through a constant quality assurance process. We are the authorized distributors of all major global brands of Snooker and Pool Tables, Cues and accessories, providing our customers with a wide array of options to choose from.

The current range of Aramith Balls available.

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