Strachan Snooker Cloth – An Unrivaled Legacy

Strachan is a name synonymous with quality nap cloth that is used for most Snooker and Billiard tables around the world. Strachan brand is owned by WSP textiles Ltd. which is a part of the  Peltzer and Fils Group, owners of Iwan Simonis and Saluc (Aramith balls) from Belgium.

WSP textiles is a highly recognized textile manufacturer that has been producing high quality and high performance products for the sports industry including Billiard cloth and fabric covering for tennis balls. With a legacy exceeding 250 years, WSP is based out of Gloucestershire providing a global supply covering 40 countries with associations based in Singapore and Beijing. 

WSP’s signature Strachan cloth has been the choice of the World Snooker Championships since 1980. Strachan with its fine quality and craftsmanship that’s unparalleled in the world,  has earned a strong reputation among players, club owners and table manufacturers alike as the global leaders in the industry. 

Strachan cloth is made from premium Merino Wool and offers unmatched control, accuracy and speed which allows a flawless performance on the Snooker table. Also its high quality which is visually evident in the sheen and luster of the cloth adds an aesthetic appeal to the tables. That’s why it’s preferred by most club owners and table manufacturers in order to add value to the tables. 

The current range of Strachan cloth includes:

No. 10 Championship which is the exclusive official cloth for world snooker championships and comes with the Strachan trademark Anti Kick technology. 

The Strachan Superfine cloth is the next in the range and offers a professional playing experience. It has all the features of the No. 10 Championship cloth but also offers increased durability that makes it a better choice for clubs or home tables. It also features the trademark Anti Kick technology and is also the exclusive cloth partners for IBSF.

Next is the Strachan 6811 Tournament, the most popular snooker cloth offering a great playing experience. It features high accuracy, control as well as durability. It comes in 2 options of 30 oz and 32 oz weight. 

Last in the range is the Strachan 6811 Club, a go to choice for many club owners. It’s long lasting as well as affordable. 

Snooker Alley is an authorized distributor of Strachan in India. Snooker Alley is the largest supplier within India that imports and distributes the complete range of Strachan cloth including the Strachan No. 10, Strachan Superfine cloth, Strachan 6811 Gold Tournament and the Strachan 6811 Gold Club Cloth. 

You can explore the entire range at our Cue Sports Experience Center in Bangalore or online at 

Snooker Alley is recognized by all professional players in India as well as major clubs as a one stop shop to fulfill all their cue sports’ needs. We constantly strive to bring high quality and authentic products from around the world to our cue sports enthusiasts in India. We ensure quality and authenticity through a highly robust procurement process that enables us to set high standards in the market

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