Rasson Tables: Epitome of Design & Performance

As a cue sports enthusiast, one must be aware of the elegant Rasson snooker and pool tables that are used in some major Snooker and Pool tournaments worldwide like the Champion of Champions Snooker Tournament, the World Cup of Pool, the World Pool Masters, Mosconi Cup among many others.

Rasson Billiards Manufacturing was established in 1990 as a producer of OEM billiards slate for global table manufacturers. Rasson has produced nearly 60% of the billiard slate in the North American market till date and is globally recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of billiard slate.

Rasson expanded into table manufacturing in 2005 and currently Rasson is recognized as the largest manufacturer and exporter of billiard tables in the world. Rasson currently produces more than 20,000 tables in its enthralling 500,000 square feet factory, that are exported all over the world. Rasson produces Snooker tables, American and Chinese Pool tables and Table Tennis.

Among the Rasson Snooker tables is the Premium Rasson Magnum which is the official table for the “Champion of Champions,” World Games and a lot of other professional Snooker Tournaments.
This table reflects the essence of its name, ‘Magnum’ in its elegant design and performance. Magnum in French means “incredible and sovereign” and as a weapon Magnum is the name of the revolver with the strongest power and precision. Also Magnum name as a car model is synonymous with advanced technology and luxury. All these aspects of the name Magnum is reflected in the Magnum Snooker Table which is undoubtedly the most unique and elegant looking table combining precision, speed and performance.

Rasson Magnum snooker table
Rasson Magnum Features

The Rasson Magnum utilizes top quality material in it’s production like North American Maple, Thai Rubber Wood and Adamath Wood. Rasson Professional technology is comprised of 5 pieces of precision cut 50 mm thick premium Rasson Slate with an incredible tolerance of less than 0.1 mm. It also features a 50 mm thick solid wood cabinet with the patented aluminum alloy beam system that ensures superior flatness and stability for flawless table performance. The aluminum alloy inlays on the sides of the wood structure offer a modern and robust look.

Among the Rasson range of Pool tables are the Rasson Victory II, Rasson Ox and Rasson Challenger Plus. Rasson Pool Tables are equipped with SLS (Slate Leveling System) and LLS (Leg Leveling System) and TPR material pockets. They feature luxurious looking Adamth Wood Rail which is resistant to water, fire, scratch, warps and dents along with 30 mm thick premium slate, Klematch P59 rubber cushion and aluminum alloy beam that ensures consistency and longevity of the tables. The Rasson Pool Tables are used in various world events including world championships and other 8 and 9 ball pool events. Snooker Alley is the exclusive distributor for Rasson in India.

rasson victory
Rasson OX

At Snooker Alley we believe in bringing product innovations from around the world to our cue sports enthusiasts in India. We are recognized within the Indian fraternity as the largest importer and distributor of all major international cue sports brands.
You can visit our cue sports experience center at Andree Road Shanthi Nagar Bangalore or remotely browse our extensive collection at snookeralley.com.

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