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The world?s first titanium alloy low deflection snooker cue ferrule. At CC we discovered a unique manufacturing process that sets CC?s low deflection titanium ferrule apart from the rest. Impossible to replicate and thus making CC?s Titanium ferrule stand alone in the market place. This new cuesport product is the first of its kind and an innovation. Precision engineered for optimum structural integrity no matter how many times you retip. Designed and developed to work in harmony with Century Pro cue tips to deliver the best playing experience possible for your cue. Now used by many of the world?s leading professional snooker players.


Discover?Century Pro Ti-F ? The world?s first low deflection titanium cuesport ferrule

Sporting standards are continually improving as advances in training, technique and application are developed and introduced. However, unless the equipment used keeps pace with these changes, progress becomes impaired or even stops. Snooker is no exception. Brass has been the material of choice for snooker cue ferrules for over a century, yet it is far from ideal. Due to the relative softness of brass, every retip reduces the diameter of the ferrule and compromises its shape. Even a light polish at the end of the job will remove material. This inevitably changes the way the cue feels and plays, making consistency impossible to achieve. Imagine a ferrule where this cannot happen. A ferrule that retains its structural integrity for life no matter how many times you retip. That ferrule is the Century Pro Ti-F.


Why Choose Century Pro Ti-F Titanium Ferrule?

? First of its kind. Innovation

? Now used by many of the world?s leading professional snooker players

? Precision engineered from the highest grade titanium alloy

? Unique manufacturing process

? Retains dimensional integrity no matter how many times you retip

? Reduced cue end mass minimises cue ball deflection

? Enhanced shot feedback and cue ball reaction

? Suitable for all cuesports

? Quality assured lifetime guarantee


Top Professional Players Using Century Pro Ti/F Titanium Ferrule

Jimmy White

Kyren Wilson

John Higgins

Stephen Maguire

Gary Wilson

Anthony McGill

Sunny Akani

Mike Dunn

Rob Lawler

Jake Nicholson

David Lilley

Igor Figueiredo

Xiao Guodong

Marc J Davis

Fraser Patrick

Tom Ford

James Cahill

Rodions Judins

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