Mike Wooldridge Snooker Tip | 1742

826.002,478.00 inc. GST

A superior single layer tip that delivers the consistency and crispness of touch necessary for every shot.

For controlled feel on side/screw/topspin and power shots, this tip is hard to beat.

SuperTips – The firm, consistent hit preferred by serious players.


  • Original Formula, perfected and improved – BEST EVER – Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Hand made in the UK – Every pack is matched in size and density for unbeatable consistency
  • Unchalked for mess free installation and easy to shape
  • Each tip is pre-compressed – Minimises bedding-in period, thus ensuring a great ‘feel’ from the very first shot
  • Holds the chalk and ‘bites’ the cueball – Boosts your confidence in every shot and gives maximum side and screwback
Mike Wooldridge Snooker Tip | 1742


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