Snooker Alley Snooker table | 12ft | 1503

159,300.00171,100.00 inc. GST

This is an entry level table which comes with Indian Slates. It comes with an imported cloth and an imported snooker ball set. This table can be used at parlors and for recreational purposes.

Snooker Alley Snooker table | 12ft | 1503
  •   1 set (5 pieces) Indian Slates
  •   Imported Snooker Cloth for Bed & Cushions
  •   1 set Aramith Premier Snooker set
  •   1 set Imported Rubber Cushions
  •   1 Six Dome Light Shade without fittings
  •   1 Score Board
  •   4 Two Piece Ash Wood Cues
  •   1 Full Butt set
  •   1 Spider head with stick
  •   1 Rest head with stick
  •   12 pcs Triangle Chalks
  •   12 pcs Elk Master Tips
  •   1 Table Brush
  •   1 Table Cover
  •   1 Wall Cue Rack
  •   1 Triangle


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