SNOOKER ALLEY ‘PRO’ Mahogany Snooker table – 12ft X 6ft – IMPORTED SLATES | 1514

The Snooker Alley Pro Snooker table is an IBSF approved table. It matches international standards and its design in similar to that of the STAR table. It comes with imported slates, 1.2cm steel cushions and 6811 cloth. The cushions are fire proof and scratch proof. This table is the official table for CUE SCHOOLS by Pankaj Advani.


    1 set 45MM (5 pieces) IMPORTED Slates
    1 set Imported Tournament Standard 1.2cm Steel Cushions
    Cushions made from WILSONART FIRE PROOF WOOD
    6811 West of England – Strachan & Stroud Green Cloth
    1 set Aramith SuperPro 1G Snooker ball set with Aluminum Case
      French Rubber Cushions – Made in UK
      1 Set Heavy Duty Black Ball Rails
      1 Electric Scoreboard
      3 pcs Three Piece Imported Ash Wood Cues
      1 Full Butt set
      1 Spider head with stick
      1 Rest head with stick
      1 Extension
      12 pcs Chalks
      10 pcs Cue Tips
      1 Table Cover
      1 Wall Cue Rack
      1 Wooden Triangle
      1 set Rest Hooks
      1 Wave Hook
      8 pcs Table adjusters in the Legs
    1 Set Light Shade consisting of six domes (gold rod & green domes)

    Optional Add-ons/ Upgrades Available :- LED Lamp shade, Table Heaters at extra cost

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