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Room Size Requirements

It is crucial to ensure that you choose the right size snooker table for your room to ensure the best possible playing experience. Obviously, the closer to full size, the closer the experience to that of professional snooker players. However, choose a table too big for your room and shots from close to the edge of the table will be impossible.

Full size cues are generally 57” (145cm) and so the recommended minimum clearance around any table is 5’ (152cm). Remember, the playing area on a table will be around 6” (15cm) less than the outside dimensions because of the cushion rails, meaning that a 5’ (152cm) clearance will always give at least 6’ (15cm) of cue movement. (The cue will also be angled more steeply for shots right at the edge of the table, thereby increasing the room available for the backswing.)

The following table therefore details our suggested minimum room sizes for the different sizes of snooker table that we produce:

Snooker Table Size Minimum Room Dimensions (Imperial) Minimum Room Dimensions (Metric)
12' Table 22' x 16' 671cm x 489cm
10' Table 20' x 15' 610cm x 457cm
9' Table 19' x 14'6" 580cm x 442cm
8' Table 18' x 14' 549cm x 427cm